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Our Preschool Program

Program ages: 1 to 5 years old 

Program Hours: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm 

Mother Goose Time Curriculum

Mother Goose Time creatively weaves together art projects, music, storytelling, math games, and science experiments around a monthly theme. Mother Goose Time publishes research-based curriculum, books, music, and authentic assessment tools serving child care providers, teachers, and parents of young children since 1987. Its mission is to inspire both educators and children to experience learning through creative expression, play, and open-ended discovery. This curriculum supports a child's social-emotional, physical and cognitive development.


1. Circle Time

2. Child-Directed Play

3. Small Group Activities

4. Math

5. Science

6. Technology

7. Engineering

8. Art

9. Music and Creative Movement

10. Music

11. Yoga

12. Gardening


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